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back to health-爱上走路
back to health-爱上走路
Winter comes,does influenza come behind?
I’m unfortunate.In 23th last month,I had a throat-ache,later it turned to be a fever and a fiercely cough.In next day,I came to a clinic near my unversity to see a doctor.The doctor told me I had been attacked of influenza,so I had to be injected with antibiotics.After four-day injection,I barely cough and felt better than before.Hence I thought I would be ok.Octoble 31th,I was at home in Wuhan,but I still coughed sometimes.Then I prefered to going to a professional hospital,after I had been detected with X-ray and CT,the doctor said my lung had already been infected,that’s to say,I was diagnosed as pneumonia.God,this was the most serious desease I had ever had.
Things were not ok till that time,on the contrary,it became worse.According to iconography of CT,a more professional doctor said I had been infected with phthisis rather than normal pneumonia,meanwhile she said there was eighty percent possibilities and suggested I had better be hospitalized as soon as possible.I still remembered how suprised and upset I were that time,so were my parents,and my family felt depressed from that time.
On account of the cost and my medical insurance is only(higher discount) used for the hospitals in my hometown city.So in November 3rd,I came to XiaoGan to receive treatment needed to treat my illness and the doctor there said my illness was pneumonia.During next 11 days,I had been injected and had taken a lot traditional Chinese medicine.
I’m fortunate.After 11-day’s treatment,I had a speedy recovery,and it turned out to be that I had been misdiagnosed and my illness was normal pneumonia instead of phthisis.Till now,when I wrote this,I had been healed almost 100%.
When I was in hospital,laying on the sickbed,I was in deeply thought about a lot of questions.
Q1:Why did I get such serious illness?
A1:Exercise a little,eat too much;Sleep late in nights,sit longly in days;Under some pressure,eat unhealthy food often and so on.Those bad habits made my body under unheathy status for a long time,thus led to my illness.
Q2:What have I lost?
A2:What I have lost is nearly 20 days for the preparation of postgraduate entrance examination and several thousands of RMB.
Q3:What do I get?
A3:A truely and deeply understanding about the concept that health is the No.1.Like a song sung by Kelly,what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

My illness condition now:already cured.
Something I wanna speak to young people especially:maybe you couldn’t take it for granted that you are of great health,so you’d better have a thorough physical examination every year and do more exercise,besides build a healthy life style.Cause only under good health condition can you enjoy your life or work hard.
influenza:感冒 cough:咳嗽 pneumonia:肺炎 phthisis:肺结核.

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